Rolling Stone

The Dukes of Oxy

April 2015
How a Band of Teenage Wrestlers Built a Smuggling Empire
New York Magazine

The US Government is a Sham: Octopus Excerpt

July 2012
Black-Ops Fixers, CIA Assassins, and the Families that Control Global Finance
Rolling Stone

The Stoner Arms Dealers

March 2011
How two stoner kids from Miami Beach became big–time arms dealers — until the pentagon turned on them.
Rolling Stone

Osama’s Prodigal Son

February 2010
The dark, twisted journey of Omar bin Laden
Rolling Stone

How the Cartels Work

September 2009
Mexican drug lords have transformed the narcotics trade in America — and the DEA appears powerless to stop them.
Rolling Stone

The Making of a Narco State

March 2009
Mexico Descends into Chaos
Rolling Stone

The War Next Door

April 2009
As drug cartels battle, Mexico descends into chaos
Rolling Stone

Fear Factory

February 2008
Is the US government manufacturing ghosts in the war on terror?
Rolling Stone

The Artful Dodger

April 2007
JT LeRoy's rise to literary stardom--the truth comes out